Women on the podium are not my cup of tea. It’s a question of what one is used to. I grew up in a different world,” the conducting maestro says.

Unfortunately I can see this quote but to read the entire article I have to pay a fee and I’m not interested in subscribing to The Telegraph. Perhaps it would come across differently if I could see the whole quote? Or not.

UPDATE: I found more of the quote here:

Hmm, well. Well I don’t want to give offence,” said Jansons, “and I am not against it, that would be very wrong. I understand the world has changed, and there is now no profession that can be confined to this or that gender. It’s a question of what one is used to. I grew up in a different world, and for me seeing a woman on the podium… well, let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea.

I do take “offence” and I suggest that he adjust his thinking.

A sort of apology:

“In a recent interview with the British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’, a quote from me was published which has provoked considerable attention in the media. I would like to respond to this with the following statement:

I come from a generation in which the conducting profession was almost exclusively reserved to men. Even today, many more men than women pursue conducting professionally. But it was undiplomatic, unnecessary and counterproductive for me to point out that I’m not yet accustomed to seeing women on the conducting platform. Every one of my female colleagues and every young woman wishing to become a conductor can be assured of my support, for we all work in pursuit of a common goal: to excite people for the art form we love so dearly – music.”