03. May 2018 · 2 comments · Categories: vocal

I’ve been enjoying vocal music this morning. It helps my heart when I’m down. It helps when it’s not down, too! I don’t have a good voice (my siblings were blessed with great voices. I was blessed with an oboe reed, I guess.) but I still like to sing. No one needs to hear me … I can sing in my house and in my car and I’m just fine with that.

This song is usually done by children, but I like this video because it includes all ages. This is the Young People’s Chorus of New York City™, Francisco J. Núñez, Artistic Director/Founder and New York Choral Society John Daly Goodwin, Music Director with Jim Papoulis, Piano.

(As I was watching another video of all young people singing this song I was reminded of how important my teaching can be — how I need to be careful with my words and I must listen to students more attentively. It was a good reminder. One I must heed daily.)


  1. Thanks for this! So wonderful to see and hear such a lovely blend of singers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. ??

  2. I love it too, Carolyn! It’s so refreshing, isn’t it?