28. May 2018 · 5 comments · Categories: Concerts

This week of music was truly a special one. I’m so grateful to have gotten to play it, and sitting principal was great fun, although of course I always get nervous and fear disappointing people. Funny how that goes.

Thanks to my oboe student and his family I have some photos to share now. Many thanks, Hongwen Gao, for sending these my way. It was wonderful to see you, Biyong, Jamin and Jesse after the show, too!

First, here are a couple images of the marching band that came from Reedley to play for this:

And dear Joe Hisaishi, plus singers Lisa Vroman and Joe’s daughter Mai Fujisawa:

More of Joe Hisaishi:


Finally … yours truly:


  1. Do you recall, was the taiko drum used in the concert on Monday?

  2. I didn’t look back to see the percussion instruments, so I honestly don’t know. So sorry!

  3. PS And thanks for the comment! Have we “met” before? Please excuse me if I’m forgetting. I’m prone to forgetfulness!

  4. No, we haven’t met. I was just another enthusiastic member of the audience on Monday, who was passed along a link to your blog.

  5. Ah, got it! Well it’s very nice to meet you here! Thanks for dropping in! 🙂