I have avoided writing about the horrendous news we’ve heard in the arts — and in particular music, since that’s my area — industry recently, and I won’t name names here now either. If you’ve seen the news, you know it’s going on. Some of the news has been rather explicit. Some not. No matter what it’s all very very ugly.

But I’m not here to write about the people who are now under investigation or already fired from jobs. I don’t want to go there. I hope the truth can be found. I hope that the guilty are punished. But now I want to write about being safe. So many young people are heading off to college (if they aren’t there already). Some will face the dangers of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault. I’m hoping there will be less of this now. I’m hoping that with the #metoo movement people in power will think twice. I’m hoping. BUT …

Be careful students. Please please please be careful. And please know you do not have to “sleep” your way to the top, or to a position in an orchestra, or even to become someone’s private student. If someone suggests that, report it. If you are harassed, report it. If you are assaulted, report it. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to report these things, but if it’s to be stopped it must be reported as quickly as possible.

I was thinking about how one can stop this behavior, especially in the music field when students have private lessons with instructors. I wonder if schools would ever consider having windows on every room. What if every instructor and professor could be seen in his or her office at all times? I know many would argue that they have lost their privacy, but after all I’ve heard and read I honestly don’t care. The safety of students is of utmost importance. In addition, with windows, a teacher couldn’t be falsely accused either. Everything seen. Everyone out in the open.

It’s just a thought.

But meanwhile … to all the students, to all the performers … and, really, to ALL … be careful. Be cautious. Stay safe. Make sure it doesn’t end up being #youtoo. Please.


  1. It has to be said. This is the world we live in. It was before but we lived in the bliss of ignorance. Now we know and we must act on this knowledge. Excellent post. It may save lives.

  2. It breaks my heart that this has to be written about, but it probably should have been written about years ago. (I did once write a bit, actually, but that was a long time ago.) Recently there has been some very awful news about musicians. Heinous, really, if it’s all true.