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I’ll be on stage, playing for the movie on the large screen behind me. Do you have your tickets yet?

Go here to get started on your order. It’s going to be thrilling, I know!

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… the prior video then took me to this one. Such fun to hear and learn about!

Co-Principal Oboe Katharina Spreckelsen on why the quirks of the Baroque oboe make it so exciting.

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This is a fun and informative video. I’m grateful to my friend Carolyn Fahm for bringing it to my attention!

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I’ve just learned here that the singer died yesterday.

And this is rather poignant:

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I play on a Rigoutat (the site is currently not up and running, surprise, surprise) English horn and I love it. (My oboe is a Marigaux and I love that and my second Marigaux as well: I’m definitely not a Loree girl, contrary to so many American oboists.) I wonder what will happen to the brand now. I’m not very familiar with Buffet, to be honest. The only thing I do know is that their Greenline oboes can have tenon issues: I’ve read several stories about the tenon breaking off, and heard one story live and in person from a colleague who experienced the issue with a student. That was quite worrisome.

I read the news here.

Dropbox News Release by Buffet

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There are so many new composers I know nothing about. Perhaps I’ll start a series that features composers who are new to my ears. We shall see.

This composer was great fun to listen to, especially as she talks about her composition process.

Hannah Kendall, talking about her work Baptistry.

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For the record: Youth Orchestra Conductors should NOT berate and embarrass students. They should not suggest that a player slap another student. And they should not suggest that a player go find another orchestra when they are unhappy with the student’s playing.


If a conductor does any of these things the student(s) SHOULD go find another orchestra.

(If it sounds like I’m angry I’m okay with that. Because I’m angry right now.)

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Palestrina: Tu es Petrus
New York Polyphony + countertenor Tim Keeler, tenor Andrew Fuchs and bass-baritone Jonathan Woody

You are Peter,
And upon this Rock I will build My Church:
and the gates of hell shall not overcome it.
And I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

Whatever you bind upon earth shall be bound in heaven,
and whatever you release upon earth shall be released in heaven,
and I will give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

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Lassus: Justorum Animae
The Lassus Consort

YouTube notes:
Orlande de Lassus’ stunning motet, Justorum Animae, recorded in the miraculous acoustic of St. Alban the Martyr, Highgate. This is one of the tracks featured on our upcoming disk ‘Beata Virgine: The Music of Lassus & Morales’, released on the 4th May.

The CD is currently in its editing stage but NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP! Do please consider giving to our GoFundMe campaign, every contribution will go a long way to helping make this disk the very best it can be, and bring this beautiful music to a wider audience. Thank you!


Director – Joshua D. Xerri
Producer – Lewis Jones
Musical Consultant – Nicholas Morris
Recording Engineer – Ben Weatherill
Assistant Recording Engineer – James Sheilds
Videographer – Harry Broom

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Michel Legrand came to San Jose at some point (I can’t remember the date) and performed (and conducted, I believe) with the San Jose Symphony. I barely remember that. I do remember watching the Umbrellas of Cherbourg over and over with our daughter. That man knew how to write lovely music!

I may put more music up later … for now I have students to teach.

Okay … one more (quickly):