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I just learned that André Previn died today.

… and from our own Opera San José:

News links will be added as I find them.

NY Times
Hollywood Reporter
The Guardian
Washington Post
Telegraph (I’m confused by this sentence: “Born in Berlin, Previn’s family left in 1939 for Paris in 1938 – where he studied piano at the Conservatoire – before moving on to Los Angeles.”)

(I received this email three times in a row, thus the three noes in a row.)

This is your typical scam spam alert!


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Best Wishes,

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… for your Thursday morning and the last day of February. Lovely playing here!

Kumho Prodigy Concert
Soo Hyun Jee, Oboe
Eugène Bozza: Fantasie Pastorale for Oboe and Piano, Op.37
Recorded at the Kumho Art Hall, 15 December 2018
KUMHO ART HALL V LIVE – http://channels.vlive.tv/E792F3/video

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… or maybe a little bit more than a little! What fun this is.

Kumho Young Artist Opening Concert
Seong Ye Ma, Oboe
Alyssa Morris
Alyssa Morris: 4 Personalities for Oboe and Piano (excerpts)
Yellow | Blue | Red
Recorded at the Kumho Art Hall, 5 January, 2019
KUMHO ART HALL V LIVE – http://channels.vlive.tv/E792F3/video

… but the video? Well, it made me laugh. I don’t know if others will react the same way or not.

Albrecht Mayer is one of my all time favorite oboists. He is musical. His technique is fabulous. He’s just a great musician.

Still, this video. I don’t mind the bits where he is out and about, but playing oboe outside in various areas? Hm. Well, I stopped looking and just listened. Agree? Disagree? You tell me!

Preview, download or stream: https://DG.lnk.to/mayer-tesori. Listen to the 1st Movement of Vivaldi’s “Oboe Concerto In C Major [R450]” played by Albrecht Mayer. With his new album Tesori d’Italia, Albrecht Mayer again extends the oboe’s concerto repertory: apart from Vivaldi’s Oboe Concerto in C major RV 450 he presents virtually unknown works by Italian Baroque masters, including two world premiere recordings of concertos by Giuseppe Sammartini and Domenico Elmi.

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… and to my students: notice that bit about “long tones, scales and technical studies”?!

Both Ryan and Adrienne are people I work with and enjoy tremendously. (In fact, they will be playing in the upcoming production of Madama Butterfly that I sadly must miss due to a major conflict with Aladdin.) You will definitely benefit from their instruction and I highly recommend this camp.

Left Coast Oboes Summer Camp
July 15-19, 2019
Redwood City, CA
Started in 2018, Left Coast Oboes is a summer day camp for middle and high school oboe players of all levels. Dedicated educators, Adrienne Malley and Ryan Zwahlen, wanted to create a fun and nurturing environment for students to learn reed making, study standard orchestral and solo repertoire, and play in an ensemble setting.

More information, including registration available here:

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what can the matter be? (If you can’t see it, well … I guess that’s good for Azusa!)

This just hurts my heart. A school advertising for “advanced study” and the poor English horn player is holding his horn that way? (I’m assuming they flipped the photo so he was facing that direction. In fact I know that to be the case. BAD idea, Azusa. Very bad idea.)

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Because I love it.

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Ludwig Senfl: Tota pulcra es
Singer Pur

Claudia Reinhard, Sopran
Rüdiger Ballhorn, Tenor
Markus Zapp, Tenor
Manuel Warwitz, Tenor
Reiner Schneider-Waterber, Bariton
Marcus Schmidl, Bass

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M. Thomas Cousins: Glorious Everlasting
Norfolk State University