… but the video? Well, it made me laugh. I don’t know if others will react the same way or not.

Albrecht Mayer is one of my all time favorite oboists. He is musical. His technique is fabulous. He’s just a great musician.

Still, this video. I don’t mind the bits where he is out and about, but playing oboe outside in various areas? Hm. Well, I stopped looking and just listened. Agree? Disagree? You tell me!

Preview, download or stream: https://DG.lnk.to/mayer-tesori. Listen to the 1st Movement of Vivaldi’s “Oboe Concerto In C Major [R450]” played by Albrecht Mayer. With his new album Tesori d’Italia, Albrecht Mayer again extends the oboe’s concerto repertory: apart from Vivaldi’s Oboe Concerto in C major RV 450 he presents virtually unknown works by Italian Baroque masters, including two world premiere recordings of concertos by Giuseppe Sammartini and Domenico Elmi.


  1. I really enjoyed it. He’s successfully romanticized the oboe (and himself :-)) by making phrases of the Vivaldi correlate with scenes from his every day life . I understand about wanting to just listen to the music, however, I did enjoy this and think it is a good performance. His playing is really heavenly. Thanks for posting.

  2. I ADORE his playing. He is just so wonderful. I just laugh when things sound the same when he’s playing on a subway or outside, since we know that can’t be. But that’s probably just MY problem!