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Patricia Van Ness: Psalm 3
Renaissance Men

from RenMen Laments
Renaissance Men’s debut album on Navona Records.

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James Deignan: Et Innocentum (fromHildegard von Bingen’s “Rex noster pomptus est”)
Luther College’s Nordic Choir; Andrew Last, Conductor

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Here are a few more excerpts. As you can see, things have changed between versions. I won’t share ALL of the things that differ between versions, but I’ll at least share these.


The last time we played this I had an issue with this rhythm, which is odd for me, as rhythm has usually come easily to me. Now I’m wondering if perhaps I had done the revised version prior to this and was merely thrown by that. I really don’t know!


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I’m hoping to find some time to share more about our upcoming concert which includes Stravinsky’s Petrushka. Stravinsky tended to change things after writing a work. In next week’s concert we are doing the revised version. The copy I had at home differed greatly.

Here is the first page of the copy I was thinking we were doing, which would have me playing both fourth oboe and English horn:

Here is the first page of the music I have now received, where I play only English horn. There are only two oboes in this version:

The most interesting thing, though, are the changes of notation and even rhythms. I will share more later. Right now it’s just too late and my brain is too tired.

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William Billings, Easter Anthem
Hastings College Choir; Dr. Fritz Mountford, Conductor

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For all who celebrate, I wish you a wonderful and blessed Easter. He is Risen!

Handel: Hallelujah Chorus
Royal Chorale Society; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra;

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David Bednall: Easter Alleluia
Ely Cathedral Choir

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On a breezy Thursday night in the week before their anniversary performance, the orchestra gathers in the lightly-sound-proofed rehearsal room at TCC. Snatches of The Merry Widow on an English horn can be heard down the halls and into the courtyard. Members are tuning up, chatting, laughing, shoving instruments cases beneath their chairs.

This must be a version of The Merry Widow I know nothing about.

English horn?!

(My guess is someone meant French Horn, but who knows?)

I read it here.

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Which of the following is not a double-reed instrument?

b.English horn

English Horn
The English horn is a brass instrument and doesn’t have a reed

I read it here. I tried not to cry.

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