11. May 2019 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’m sure people have noticed I barely write here any longer. I’m not sure if I’ve said all I need to say (and yet I know I’ve probably said MORE than I need to say), but I do wonder if I can keep this going much longer.

Part of it, too, is what I think is the Death of Blogs. What might that be?


Yes. I do think that Facebook has killed off much of the blogworld. No matter how much I encourage it, people don’t like visiting my photography site or this site any more if they can read the snippet and see the (less than great because they mess with it) image at Facebook.

And so it goes.

Will I grieve the loss of this blog? Not really. Things change. Things die.

BUT (you knew I had to do that, right?), I won’t just disappear at the moment. I will ponder and decide over the summer. But continuing to pay to keep this site up and running just might be enough to get me to stop.

Meanwhile … I hope some people still visit this, listen to the music I share, and get a bit of something out of my rambling and goofiness.

I especially hope that people land on the etiquette page. (Having witnessed some pretty horrible behavior recently I think many have lost common sense when it comes to performance behavior. May I just yell this out, “NO, it is not okay to use your phone during a performance even if you aren’t playing the work that is currently being done. People can still SEE you! And no, you can’t dress differently than everyone else in the orchestra. There is a dress code for a reason. And yes, even if you sit in the back what you wear matters. And no, talking out loud just because YOU have finished playing your part, when others are still performing — and an audience is still listening — is not okay and not normal. It is disrespectful and rude.”

Okay, rant over. The people who should read that don’t read this blog in any case, so it’s pretty pointless.


  1. Guilty of the cell phone thing, but not in performance — only in rehearsals. One of my orchestras has a requirement that the ladies always, always, always, wear dresses, unless they are playing cello or bassoon. English horn is kind of a gray area. I found the perfect compromise garment: a thing which is essentially a pair of pants with a chiffon overskirt that wraps around and ties in the front. Keeps the wardrobe police off my back, and functions to preserve my modesty. ?

  2. I can’t wear anything that might get caught in the English horn keys, so it’s pants for me with EH. I have a pair of very flowy ones, but I primarily wear pants. Men wear pants, so I see no issue with that, and no one has complained. Not one of the orchestras I play in require women wear dresses. If they did you can bet we’d have some major rebellion going on!

    Cell phones during rehearsals is one thing. Performances are another. Mine gets put on airplane mode for both though. I think I can live without it for that long! 🙂