14. July 2019 · 2 comments · Categories: Losses

Just yesterday I was looking up Robert Orth because I ran across this video of him singing Heggie’s “Grow Old Along With Me” and today I read that he has died. I know nothing more than that at this point. But what a sad loss.

Robert performed “A Water Bird Talk” by Dominick Argento with San Jose Chamber Orchestra some years back and it was wonderful. I also heard him with San Francisco Opera, in Moby Dick.

When I had looked him up I ran across his very hysterical bio that he has somewhat hidden on his site. It’s a fun and entertaining read!


  1. Great bio — What a humble man! Makes me want to know him, though sadly, too late.

  2. I worked with him only the one time and never spoke directly to him, but I just got the feeling he was a great guy!