14. September 2019 · Comments Off on The Internet Is Not Always Your Friend · Categories: Oboe

I have a parent looking for an oboe so I thought I’d Google and see what I come up with if I search for “Good oboes for students.” I came across an article that included this:

So, looking for a major brand is a good idea. A brand such as Selmer, buffet or Yamaha. There are many others and I will make a list of those and put those in addition to this article, so you can look at those separately.

Laree, which is kind of the Rolls-Royce of the oboe world not necessarily a great place for a beginner to start but they have a high resale value.

SO many warning signs in the article, but even in these two paragraphs. No, Selmer is not a good choice. Buffet is okay, as is Yamaha. Then there is the comment on “Laree” … it’s LOREE and those are top notch oboes but there are a number of other great oboes that could also be called “Rolls-Royce”.

I get so angry with these faulty articles. They are likely written by people who don’t even play (links to Amazon on this one tell me it’s merely a money-making site), and possibly by bots. There are MANY of them out there, this was only the first I landed on.

If you are looking to rent or buy an oboe talk to your teacher. If you don’t have a teacher GET ONE. If you rent or buy do so from a reputable dealer or from a seller who you know you can trust. If you aren’t sure, talk to your teacher. If you don’t have a teacher GET ONE.

Did I mention talking to your teacher? 😉

(Side Note: It is interesting to me that much in the article I found IS good. I wonder if it is a compilation of various sites. Odd.)