Pat McFarland died on the 23rd of this month. I believe I only met him once, and that was when he came back to San Jose. (I think he may have gone to San Jose State.) He was such a fine player and many are mourning his loss.

He played English horn in the Atlanta Symphony for 47 years. A fine, fine player.


  1. Pat did go to San Jose State. He’s 3 years my senior, so our paths overlapped for a couple of years before he left the area. As yo said, a fine musician. And a friendly guy to work with, with a wide range of interests and an evil sense of humo to match my own. RIP, Pat!

  2. And what a wonderful choice of music to mark his passing! He’s playing his own memorial service from cyberspace! I’m sure he would be both pleased and amused. I know he was proud of this recording…

  3. Did you go to SJState, Bob, or did you just run into each other because you were both in the area. I thought you went elsewhere?

  4. At that time was at Foothill college, but we ran in the same freelance circles. I got to know him better after he established his business and Westwind sold him some accessories…

  5. A beautiful choice, such a beautiful recording. I never met but used to get supplies from his oboe shop.

  6. I’m glad you like the choice. He was a very nice man!