04. December 2019 · Comments Off on A Very Good Reminder · Categories: Ramble

Over on Facebook a friend gave musicians (and others could use this too, really) a very good reminder. She urged those who were sick to stay home. As she said, this time of year is a very busy month for musicians (well, not for me … but so it goes) and that most orchestras do have a sick day. Coming sick to work can affect so many others. It’s not fair to them. Yes, you might lose income. That’s difficult. But is it fair to think only of one’s self?

As she wrote, “missing one service may keep others from missing much more.”

I read her post the day I was feeling fairly miserable. I had been thinking, “Oh I think I can probably make it through the opera — it’s short!” After reading her post I immediately contacted our personnel manager and let him know I was sick. He found a great sub. I stayed home in bed. I am better now. I’m also very grateful for that Facebook post.

So thank you, Meredith, for your wise words!

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