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Es kommt ein Schiff geladen
Christian Steyer & Berliner Solistenchor

“Es kommt ein Schiff geladen”
Performed by »Christian Steyer & Berliner Solistenchor« live at Segenskirche Berlin, December 2008.
SOLO: Jennifer Kothe & Sachar Bialecki.
PIANO: Christian Steyer.
SINGERS: Samirah Al Amrie, Dana Apitz, Kristofer Benn, Sachar Bialecki, Robert Brenner, Lucia Cadotsch, Nadja Eustermann, Maria Goeres, Maria Helmin,Daniel James, Andreas Jocksch, Sarah Kaiser, Sonja Kandels, Max Keilbach, Jennifer Kothe, Markus Krafczinski, Almut Kühne, Yelena Kuljic, Henrik Mei, Hagen Möbius
For concerts and infos please visit: www.berliner-solistenchor.de

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Es kommt ein Schiff geladen, arr. Oliver Gies
Jazzchor der Uni Bonn; Jan-Hendrik Herrmann, Conductor

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Max Reger: Es kommt ein Schiff, geladen
SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart: Marckus Creed, Conductor

There comes a galley, laden
Up to the highest board;
She bears a heav’nly burthen,
The Father’s eterne Word.

She saileth on in silence,
Her freight of value vast:
With Charity for mailsail,
And Holy Ghost for mast.

The ship has dropt her anchor,
Is safely come to land;
The Word eterne, in likeness
Of man, on earth doth stand.

At Bethlem in a stable,
To save the world forlorn
(O bless Him for His mercy),
Our Saviour Christ is born.

And whosoe’er with gladness
Would kiss him and adore,
Must first endure with Jesus
Great pain and anguish sore.

Must die with Him moreover,
And rise in flesh again,
To win that life eternal,
Which doth to Christ pertain.