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… whether they know it or not!

This is put together by these two women (Astrid Jorgensen and Megan Bartholomew) who normally have a hall filled with people. (They call it “Pub Choir”) Jorgensen teaches them a song (with harmony) and then they make a video of the final results and post it on YouTube. But there is no hall full of people now. So instead they are are on stage, conducting an empty hall, but a world full of people.

45 countries represented. Over 6000 people.

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I’m really enjoying the groups that are putting together YouTube videos for us. It’s all we have for now. And it’s all we’ll have for a while, I think. I’ve been reading articles and some suggest that we won’t have live music again until a vaccine is out there. A health expert said he doesn’t think we’ll have large gatherings until the fall of 2021.

Yes, he is talking about 2021, not the upcoming fall season.

I’ve had a lovely career, and if this is the end of it I will be content, knowing I enjoyed so much fine music, and wonderful colleagues. I am certainly hoping I’ll be in the pit and on the stage again, but who knows? I am not counting on anything. I’m not the one who gets to say when it is safe to go back to work.

But I know it’s not safe now.

Some have suggested we musicians get back on stage and do live streaming concerts for the masses so they can all stay safe and do the social distancing thing but still enjoy the wonder of live music. It seems they forget that that puts all of us in danger. Not only are we much closer than six feet, but we are inhaling and exhaling deeply. It’s not a safe place to be when a pandemic is causing so much death.

Both the symphony and the opera companies I work for have canceled everything through June. So far nothing has been canceled beyond that, and I know they are hoping for the best.

I’m hoping we all stay well. And whatever is best to help with that hope is fine by me.

But here … having something absolutely gorgeous! Thank you, Eugene Izotov, for continuing with your beautiful music making, even during such trying times.