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Jakub Józef Orlinski & Aleksander Debicz have a message for you.

stay home, stay home

it ain’t easy, the same four walls
feeling stuck here all day long
only going to a grocery store later to buy some food and toilet paper
don’t be selfish, don’t buy it all
don’t act so stupid
toilet paper ain’t no gold

stay home, stay home

and even if you have to go outside
it’s better not to be for a pleasure ride
strutting around your neighborhood
it’s a bad idea, it ain’t good
do you want to put the rest at risk
that might die when they get sick
no you don’t want that so please just stay inside

stay inside

don’t be selfish, don’t get infected
cause otherwise you might be from society rejected

stay home, stay home

and of course i’m staying at home too,
struggling a lot like all of you
walking with my tied dog frequently
just to be outside sort of legally
pa pa pa, pa pa pa…

don’t be selfish and don’t just roam
seriously i’m telling you, just stay home

stay home, stay home

stay home, i’m telling you stay home
stay home, please stay home
stay home, please stay home

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