A.Vivaldi “Eja Mater” – Jakub Jozef Orlinski & Aleksander Debicz

Jakub Józef Orlinski & Aleksander Debicz

A.Vivaldi (1678 – 1741)
Stabat Mater, RV 621
VII. Eja Mater

Jakub Jozef Orlinski – Countertenor
Aleksander Debicz – Piano

Arrangement – Aleksander Debicz
Recording / mix – Bartosz Baltazar Zbroszczyk / Robert Szczytowicz – Paradox Studio

When: 12:00 pm, April 09, 2020
Where: Home

Latin Text:
Eja Mater, fons amoris
me sentire vim doloris
fac, ut tecum lugeam.

Translation by Geoffrey Dunn:
Hail thee, Mother, fount of loving,
let me learn the pow’r of sorrow,
let me mourn for him with thee.


  1. Fedde te Velde

    This arrangement from Aleksander Debicz is outstanding, where can I download or buy the sheet music ?

  2. I would guess you’d have to write to him to find out. I only saw this online, and have no idea how to obtain the music. But isn’t it wonderful?!