Thomas Tallis: If ye love me
The King’s Singers


  1. Carolyn A Fahm

    One of my all time favourite pieces by Tallis. How many of your friends even have a favourite Tallis piece? This is angelic. In tears.

    It has soon coming up to my fifth month of isolation. It has been fine and not fine at the same time. Somehow the immediacy of Twitter has been a great support because it is more like having someone here with me to talk with about serious matters of health and life. I have two close friends within half a block and sometimes we see each other, giving me a chance to hear my own voice rather than seeing my words in front of me on a screen as my fingers dance across the keyboard. This piece has lifted my soul.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you have a few people there you are able to speak with, Carolyn. I’m grateful for Dan … other than him I rarely speak to others but I DO greet people on my walk.

    This Tallis work is just so very special. But then I do have a fondness for anything that I’ve heard by him.

  3. Carolyn A Fahm

    The weather has cooled to 77 and I am now about to go on a WALK for the first time in a week. Warm weather keeps me in.

  4. I do hope you had an enjoyable walk, Carolyn.

  5. Carolyn A Fahm

    It was lovely, and it will have to suffice for some time because we are going back to the mid – eighties.