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This is fun!

Composed by Deborah Wicks La Puma and Eve La Puma.
Sung and played by Eve La Puma.

This silly ode to the foghorn of the orchestra highlights the joys of playing the bassoon!

View other works by Deborah Wicks La Puma: crunchynotes.com

Sheet music available at Sheet Music Plus:

Premiered at Eve La Puma’s Senior Recital in Voice and Bassoon at Stanford University. View the complete recital here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zybJ4KcRuIw

Special thanks to Rufus Olivier and Kathryne Jennings!

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Arvo Pärt: Vater Unser

From the YouTube page:

Julien Brocal and Cai Thomas collaborate on a new video of Pärt’s Vater Unser, recording their respective piano and vocal parts 250 miles apart, without ever having even met.

Julien discovered the voice of 13-year-old Cai Thomas as he recuperated from COVID-19 in March and was immediately struck by the purity and clarity of tone he heard. With plans already in place to record Pärt’s Vater Unser as part of an album set for 2021 release, Julien felt strongly that Cai’s voice was the perfect vehicle for the piece, so evocative of hope as it traverses from the heart-breaking B Minor melody to the D Major release of tension at its conclusion. With the help of their label Rubicon, Julien and Cai were able to collaborate from afar, recording a video of this track at their respective homes in Brussels in Belgium and Farnham in the U.K.

A prayer which asks for peace, something that we can all hope for regardless of faith at this most challenging of times, Julien and Cai hope their music can offer a few moments of solidarity and hope for all of us at home around the world. Julien says: “Cai’s voice appeared as light shining through darkness, and I couldn’t see a better moment to create together this uplifting music.”

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I’m gradually going to be cleaning up this site. As it turns out, most of the links I had in the sidebar were no longer working or up to date. In addition I’m finding most images I posted in the past now don’t load. I know that recently whatever we use as a host for this redid something that for a few days made the site disappear, and I’m wondering if that permanently messed with images.

For the most part the site is used for posting links to YouTube videos I think people will enjoy. Other than that I’ve written so very little. I’m still here, but my career is on hiatus due to Covid-19, and I have absolutely no clue when or if I’ll be back on stage or in the pit.

I do continue to teach private students. I have twelve at the moment, and I enjoy seeing and hearing all of them via Zoom or Facetime. I will keep teaching as long as students want lessons. I love teaching, and I love that there are still students willing to put the time and effort into playing oboe. If you are a reader who would like to do online lessons (and now I can teach people anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access) feel free to email me.

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Bob Hurd: Ubi Caritas
St. Joseph the Worker Parish Virtual Choir, Bell Ringers, and Instrumentalists

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Mark Sirett: Thou Shalt Know Him
Concordia Choir Students & Alumni; Dr. Michael Busch, Director

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I had already set up my Sunday music when I heard this. I could have put it up on a future Sunday, but I just loved it too much to wait. So you get a Sunday Music Special today. With this I say Goodnight.

Sabbath Hymn, arr. Dr. Anwar Ottley
Aeolian Alumni

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Chesnokov: O Lord God
Luther College Nordic Choir and Alumni; Andrew Last, Conductor

(How amazing is this?!)

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MacMillan: O Radiant Dawn
Stay At Home Choir

O Radiant Dawn from The Strathclyde Motets by James MacMillan
with The Sixteen – https://thesixteen.com/
Want to sing it with your choir? – https://bit.ly/38e6T9O

The Stay At Home Choir is a global musical community of more than 14,000 people from 64+ countries who come together to interact with and perform alongside some of their favorite artists.

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What fun to see friend Layna Chianakas in this group … and the music just hits my heart!

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MacMillan: In splendoribus sanctorum
The Gesualdo Six and Matilda Lloyd