And why not?! (Really, doing the opening on those low clarinets … quite lovely! Who knew I’d say something like THAT in my lifetime?)

I’m not sure how many times I’ve played the English horn solo, but it’s a lot. I’m going to guess I’ll never play it again, but who knows for sure?

Be sure and WATCH as well as listen … it’s fun!

William Tell Overture for Wind Ensemble


  1. Bravi tutti!

    Thank-you for sharing this astonishing piece of musicianship and video editing. I have now subscribed to the channel for myself.

    I got to eight minutes in a became overwhelmed with gratitude that I was still listening with enjoyment instead of having to click off urgently because the sounds were becoming distorted with an oncoming seizure.

    It occurs to me that I have heard this overture countless times but never the opera that it precedes.

    Thank-you so much for this wonderful musical experience.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Carolyn! The man who does these amazes me. What a talent he is!

  3. I shared the link with a UK doctor friend who also sings to view with her little boys. They will love it.