I was walking after church today, and this came on. (I was just listening to a mix that Apple provided.) I had to come home and look it up!

Ah, that low note at 5:15! (Not the only low note, mind you, but that one was pretty wonderful!)

Benedict Sheehan, “Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom”

Mvt. 9: The Cherubic Hymn

The Saint Tikhon Choir
Benedict Sheehan, Conductor



  1. This is one of the prayers before Holy Communion, as we pray to be mystically united with Our Saviour.

    Father Tikhon was one of the Russian saints.

    Thank-you for being so faithful in sharing musical beauty with us. I am sorry I am no longer around for the white roses, but I am doing my best during the long year of almost total isolation.

  2. Thanks for the information. Sorry you aren’t viewing the white roses any longer.