I was quite moved by this: these doctors, working on the front lines of this pandemic, making music … and sending us messages along the way. I hope you enjoy it as well. They KNOW. They’ve SEEN. They continue to work hard and fight this awful virus. They risk their lives to save others. I am grateful.

I must thank oboist Andrea Plesnarski for bringing this to my attention!


  1. Patty, two of my colleagues, Sarah Ringel, M.D. and Nick Bandarenko, M D , are members of the National Medical Orchestra. In the featured Tchaikovsky piece, Sarah is seen on viola, and Nick is featured as the bass clarinetist (which was his First.Time. Ever. playing a bass in public). And it just happens that the instrument he is playing is the one I gave to my husband about 15 years ago, for his birthday. It is now on long-term loan to the Durham Medical Orchestra, of which Nick is President and Principal Clarinetist, and Sarah is Principal Violist (and of which I am a utility oboist/English horn player).

  2. Very cool! A colleague of mine has a family member in the orchestra as well.