Scott Hostetler is, once again, rather amazing! And a favorite piece to play … but for me I have to stick to oboe only.

… and look at his hand position on the oboe! Nice and close to the keys … love it!


  1. Carolyn A Fahm

    I have fallen in love with this trio – three instruments, one brilliant musician. But what I notice is that I am particularly drawn to the rich tones of the bassoon, much to my surprise. It has such a rich, mellow, cello-like timbre, and since the cello is one of my favourite instruments, comparing the bassoon with it is high praise indeed.

    Thank-you so much for sharing these musical treasures.

  2. I’m just in awe of this man! It’s one thing to play one of these instruments well, but to play all THREE?! Bassoon and oboe, by the way, are NOT alike, even though they are both double reeds.

    Scott Hostetler is just astounding!