03. June 2021 · Comments Off on Bravi Tutti! · Categories: Recital Encore

Quite some time ago I began communicating with a man whose young son was beginning to play oboe. We had some lovely conversations, due to his landing on this site. (I did SO much more with oboeinsight back then!) Eventually I met Vladimir and his son Daniel Gurevich at a concert I played in Santa Cruz, where I soloed on Oblivion by Piazolla.

Last night I landed on a recital by San Francisco Conservatory of Music students. What a wonderful surprise to see and hear Daniel there (second on this video), and what a super recital! Bravi tutti to all the musicians (and especially to Daniel, since I feel as if we connected, albeit minimally). We have some mighty fine young musicians out there to replace us oldsters! No need to worry about the future of the oboe sections of orchestras, as far as I’m concerned. (But I would love to know if orchestra etiquette is taught: it’s the one thing that sometimes sinks a young player. Not that it doesn’t sink an older one as well!) Bravo, too, to the instructors at SFCM, Eugene Izotov and Russ DeLuna.

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