Shortly after I got into San Jose Symphony (RIP) I became music librarian, and I also worked in the box office for a time. At one point the organization’s offices moved to the basement of the building pictured here. It was a windowless and rather dreary place, but I did love some of my colleagues there.

Today the building is being demolished. Some group tried to stop it, saying that it was part of the “Brutalist Period” or some such thing. They lost. So down it goes. I can’t say I’m sorry. It’s not exactly a gorgeous thing. But seeing it and thinking about those days I did have a flood of memories come pouring back, and I wonder where some of the people are that worked there way back when. I lost touch with nearly everyone.

(These photos are a bit crooked but I’m lazy and so they will just remain crooked!)


  1. Going, going, gone! I hope just the building, not the good memories.

  2. Nope … they can’t take my memories away!

  3. Brutalitst in architecture just means “constructed of concrete,” from a French word. It’s an unfortunate term, I feel. There’s a lot of great or important Brutalitst architecture and a sad amount of it has been demolished.

  4. There was a Marvel Comic, Power Pack, about four primary school siblings with powers. They were mentored by a sentient space ship that looked exactly like that building!

  5. This particular building wasn’t really built well from what I recall, but I do hate seeing buildings demolished. We destroy so very much ….

  6. Ooh … maybe this IS that building! Maybe it’s REAL.