17. March 2022 · Comments Off on A Concert This Weekend · Categories: A Musician's LIfe, Ramble

San Jose Chamber Orchestra has a concert this Sunday evening, and we had our first rehearsal today. Here is a first for me: I only have to walk eight minutes to get to work! It’s quite lovely. (Of course the weather has been warmer than it should be: I’m not sure how I’d feel if I was freezing or if it were too rainy!) You can read more about the concert here.

An interesting side note: many years ago I conversed occasionally with the father of a young oboist named Daniel. I so enjoyed “chatting” (via email) with the father, and one special day I got to meet him, along with his son. This young boy is now grown into quite a fabulous oboist. He attended Julliard and San Francisco Conservatory, doing miles more than I ever did as a young player! Today? Well, he sat next to me. He is playing this set, and it’s just lovely to have him there. (I wrote about him earlier in this post, where you can also hear him play.

Time. It flies by. And students, they pass us oldsters by. (I was never actually Daniel’s instructor, but still ….)