20. March 2022 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

What fun to finally get to play again with San Jose Chamber Orchestra. It’s been so very long. Also fun was walking to work, of course.

BUT most fun?! Getting to play with Daniel Gurevich next to me after all these years. What a fine, fine player he is. I’m angry with myself, though: I should have had a photo taken with him! I even had the pleasure of seeing and chatting with his parents. Why didn’t I think of a photo?! (Surely it can’t be about my age, right? (Hm. Don’t answer that!)

Of course playing with him makes me marvel at the passing of time. It doesn’t feel all that long ago that I met him, a young, very enthusiastic oboist, or conversed via email with his father, yet here is he, a grown man, ready to get that playing job somewhere.

I’m not ready to deal with time passing this quickly, but of course I have no choice! So it goes.

Bravo, Daniel … and bravi tutti to the other young wind players there. (I was guessing I might very well have been the second oldest person on that stage. Eek!)


  1. Enjoy…


    It’s later than you think…

    Where did the time go???

  2. Vladimir Gurevich

    Dear Patty!

    It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday! I guess we all were completely “in the moment” and we’ve also been completely in awe when we realized that you’ve written several post about him! Thank you so much and I am sure there will be many more opportunities for a selfie!

  3. I ask myself that so frequently, Bob!

  4. Vladimir, I think about Daniel frequently. And you as well!