Can you imagine if some actor was practicing lines and another actor started saying those same lines? Or how about a musical theater lead singing a song and hearing someone else sing the same thing? I doubt (I hope!) those things are never done. So this is just a gentle (not really) reminder to refrain from playing someone else’s solo as they are warming up. Seriously. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

It’s rude. It’s frustrating. And it’s immature behavior.


  1. Ah ah! Absolutely not acceptable, you are right!

  2. Mark just told me the story of Richard Burton playing the role of Hamlet and talking about it on the Johnny Carson show. One night in the audience, there was Winston Churchill sitting in a box next to the stage. As Burton began his soliloquy To Be Or Not To Be, he heard a voice reciting every word together with him. Burton said, it through me of completely. I tried speeding up and slowing down, I put in new pauses but could not shake him!!! He did the same in all Hamlets big speeches. After the show he came back stage to shake my hand. Johnny Carson said: so was Churchill any good as Hamlet?

  3. Wow, what a crazy story, Isabelle! I can’t even imagine!