In searching on Radu Lupu (trying to find out when he played with us, as I’m sure he did more than the 1975/76 season) I ran across a program that shows our entire 75/76 season. It was quite the year, and one that caused some audience members to not return: we played music that was just too darn modern for them!

It’s not easy to read, but here is our season. MY FIRST!

And yes, my first year included the English horn solo on Three Cornered Hat, conducted by Carlos Chavez. I conducted the entire solo: he didn’t allow me to take my tempo, but conducting in a rather fast three. I don’t think he liked me very much. Oh well.

If you want to see more of the program you can go here. It’s actually from a Carlos Chavez site.

Oh … and look at some of those names on the roster, including Loraine [sic] Hunt! Seeing all the works and the names brings back memories, albeit rather vague. It was so very long ago ….


  1. I remember it well. That was our American Centennial season. And Chavez was an arrogant martinet who looked down on us from his lofty position on the podium. He didn’t like any of us very much. Your 3-Cornered Hat solo was just fine, given the constraints he imposed…

  2. The funny thing was, Bob, that people came up to me after the first rehearsal to tell me it was okay and not to worry about it and I was clueless! I just figured I was wrong when I thought I should play it freely! Ah, how innocent I was!

  3. Thanks for posting this!

  4. It was a fun find!