13. May 2022 · 2 comments · Categories: Losses

I just received news that Henry Mollicone has died. Such sad news. I worked with Henry when he conducted musicals in San Jose (I think at that point the group was called American Musical Theater of San Jose but I’m not positive). I also had to joy of hearing his wonderful compositions, both with Opera San Jose and with San Jose Chamber Orchestra. I read that he was in the process of writing a new opera, and I do hope it will be completed.

And here is a documentary on his opera “The Face on the Barroom Floor”


  1. Robert Darling

    Dear, dear Henry,
    It is a great loss. Yes Henry was working on a new opera “Mariette in Extascy” with Judy Fein. They were attempting to encourage several companies to do a workshop. Judy felt is contains some of Henry’s best work. They both wrote Hotel Eden several years ago. It’s premier was given by San Jose Opera. And it also received several wonderful productions around the country.

    Henry and I worked closely on several of his works including Hotel Eden, which has in Act 2 & 3 terrific ensembles — one of Henry’s great talents to keep 2,3, or even five voices carrying an idea forward. ECS has published Mrs. Noah’s aria as a separate solo, a wonderful piece for the right actress to showcase.

    His Coyote Tales, which he wrote with Sheldon Harnick for the Kansas City Lyric Opera also has some lovely ensembles and arias and needs a revival.

    Central City Opera should revive Face This year and indeed do a workshop of Mariette. We mourn the loss of a wonderful friend and colleague. The best way to mourn I know is to find venues to produce his excellent music for all of us to experience.

  2. I’m in Opera San Jose and I do remember when Hotel Eden was done (no oboe, though!). He was a lovely man, and his music was so wonderful.