I am starting to teach reed making to a student today. I’ve not done this in a very long time, between Covid and the disinterest of so many students I finally gave up offering group classes. I’m not totally thrilled to teach the craft, as I just don’t find reed making tremendously enjoyable (some people actually do!), but if one is a serious oboe student it is something one must learn. There are many who don’t make their own reeds from scratch these days (sadly there is still a lot of stigma attached to that truth here in the good old USA), but the craft is still essential to learn, so the musician understands how reeds function and also so the player can adjust reeds that are purchased. I’ve never found a reed I’ve purchased something I could simply play without a few little adjustments!

So here I go … I’ve found my Reed Making Manual (I used to have it here for purchase but since no one ever showed any interest I took it down). Wish my student and I luck! Okay, okay, I don’t actually believe in luck, but it’s just something we say … right? ? Perhaps, instead, I should say “wish my student and I good skill!