11. July 2022 · Comments Off on Lessons in Humility, Maybe? · Categories: Ramble

I’ve had two experiences recently with recording my playing. I must say, hearing myself isn’t pleasant. I know it’s important — people say that over and over. But I just don’t like it. I hear every little mistake, everything I wish I’d done differently.

But it sure is eye opening! (Ear opening, really.) I have a list of things I need to now focus on. Air. Less vibrato. Carrying the phrase through better. And oh so much more.

I have always feared that I’m rather arrogant. (A close family member once told me I was a snob.) I suppose this is all good for me. Nothing to be arrogant about when I hear myself!

The first recording was for a wedding I had played: the microphone to record me hadn’t been switched on (all weddings have an “oops moment” and I think this was that moment for that wedding). For me it was a lesson in, “you thought it was all about you and no one watching the streaming ceremony could even hear you, you silly person! Fortunately the pianist, who is also a great sound guy (thanks Rick!), opted to have me come in and play to the recording so he could then make the recording “complete”. I didn’t care about it for myself, but I did think the wedding couple should have a nice recording! I was more nervous doing the recording than I was playing live. THAT is how recording works for me. Always.

The second, which was for an upcoming job, I had to do on my own and that was a challenge and more than a little unpleasant. I suspect that will be the first and last time I ever do that. My understanding was it was merely so singers could practice to the recording, although I’m not all together sure of that. I wasn’t flawless, but I did the best I could. And it’s done.

Now, though, I am just breathing a sigh of relief: both recordings are done. Over ‘n out. Whew!

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This music … it touches me in ways some music can’t. And what a mystery it all is: while this reaches my soul, I know others won’t be moved by it in the least. I find that rather puzzling, but so it goes — I’m sure they have music that hits their gut and I’d scratch my head!

Cristobal de Morales (Valencia 1500 – Marchena 1553) – Missa pro defunctis a 5
Ensemble Biscantores – Luca Colombo, direttore – Milano, Basilica di San Calimero, 15 maggio 2022
00:09 Communio – Lux aeterna
02:29 Lamentationes Jeremiae prophetae – Sabbato Sancto. Ad Matutinum.
11:32 Circumdederunt me
14:06 Jerusalem convertere
16:30 (bis9 Lacrymosa – Pie Jesu
Daniela Beltraminelli, Carolina Intrieri, Chiara Rebaudo, Emma Brambilla soprani
Elena Carzaniga, Camilla Novielli, Edvige Brambilla, Monica Fumagalli alti
Roberto Rilievi, Maximiliano Banos, Gianluca Origgi, Davide Nicolussi, Davide Colnaghi, Niccolo Perego tenori
Marco Saccardin, Alessandro Marchesi bassi
Rosita Ippolito, Luciana Elizondo, Anais Lauwaert, Denise Mirra, viole da gamba