This music … it touches me in ways some music can’t. And what a mystery it all is: while this reaches my soul, I know others won’t be moved by it in the least. I find that rather puzzling, but so it goes — I’m sure they have music that hits their gut and I’d scratch my head!

Cristobal de Morales (Valencia 1500 – Marchena 1553) – Missa pro defunctis a 5
Ensemble Biscantores – Luca Colombo, direttore – Milano, Basilica di San Calimero, 15 maggio 2022
00:09 Communio – Lux aeterna
02:29 Lamentationes Jeremiae prophetae – Sabbato Sancto. Ad Matutinum.
11:32 Circumdederunt me
14:06 Jerusalem convertere
16:30 (bis9 Lacrymosa – Pie Jesu
Daniela Beltraminelli, Carolina Intrieri, Chiara Rebaudo, Emma Brambilla soprani
Elena Carzaniga, Camilla Novielli, Edvige Brambilla, Monica Fumagalli alti
Roberto Rilievi, Maximiliano Banos, Gianluca Origgi, Davide Nicolussi, Davide Colnaghi, Niccolo Perego tenori
Marco Saccardin, Alessandro Marchesi bassi
Rosita Ippolito, Luciana Elizondo, Anais Lauwaert, Denise Mirra, viole da gamba

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