13. July 2022 · Comments Off on Sweet Video · Categories: CovidTimes, Watch

This lovely video, featuring the tubist Chuck Daellenbach of the fabulous Canadian Brass, is a bit of a fantasy: no, he wouldn’t have checked his tuba (case-less!) and picked it up off the carousel. And no, I’m sure he doesn’t usually put it on an escalator either. But it’s a sweet video.

But it sort of made me teary, too. Because we are back to bad numbers. We are being told, yet again, to mask indoors, yet so many are refusing. Because of this I’m back to staying home from things I wish I could attend … and I had just started back up at my church: but there is no masking required and most people don’t mask. So home I stay. I’m sad.

I have a job in two weeks that is outdoors at a winery, so that should be fine, but we have a 3 hour wait between rehearsal and concert and they are putting us in a little “cottage” at the winery. Me? I’ll most likely end up in my car. They have no vaccination or testing requirements so I’m leery of being in a small room with people I don’t know.

And so it goes … on and on … and on.

I just miss the Before Times so very much.