12. July 2023 · Comments Off on Eventually … · Categories: Ramble

At some point I have a lot to write here. News, news, news! But not quite yet — that will wait until about September 10 or so, I think. I know I’ve been horribly negligent regarding updating anything about oboeinsight, and I’ve not done any posting aside from my Sunday music. But so it goes sometimes.

At the moment (and since our departure on June 28) Dan and I are traveling, and will continue to do so for quite a while. I will, in fact, be missing the first Opera San José production in September because they start rehearsals while I’m away and I decided it wasn’t fair to come back and attempt to play the opera on a couple of rehearsals after no playing oboe for ten weeks. And yes, I won’t have played: I don’t travel with an instrument. This time I’m not even traveling with a reed (I did that the last time). We travel light: carryon only no matter how many weeks we are out, and an oboe simply is a burden. (In oh-so-many-ways … HAH!)

Because we have house sitters we can blog, so if any oboeinsight readers are interested in our travels just hop on over to pmtravelingtimes and you’ll see photos and read a brief synopsis of each day (or sometimes two synopses). We are currently having our morning coffee as we sit in our lovely VRBO house in Lisbon. This is our final full day here.

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