Romuald Twardowski: Alleluia
Choir Aidija

James MacMillan: O Radiant Dawn

Tomás Luis de Victoria: Vere languores

Truly, our failings he has taken upon himself
and our sorrows he has borne
By his wounds we have been saved.

O sweet wood, O sweet nails that bore this sweet burden
which alone were worthy to support
the King of heaven and Lord.

12. August 2023 · 3 comments · Categories: Losses

I just read that Humbert Lucarelli has died. Here is an interview.

From his Facebook page:
“It is with the deepest sadness that we report that the Maestro, Bert Lucarelli, passed peacefully at home on August 10th. Details are still being worked out for a celebration of life.”

**Update: I’m sorry I hadn’t seen the information about the event until after the fact — it was yesterday. I’ve been busy getting over jet lag and it’s taking some time. (We were gone for 9 1/2 weeks.)

Charles Villiers Stanford: Beati Quorum Via
Bevan Family Consort; Graham Ross, Conductor