This past week I went back to work. It had been a long time since I’d played with an orchestra. I think, in fact, the last time was with Opera San José, when we did Falstaff. No … just checked my calendar. It was Symphony San Jose‘s final set of last season. We did Knoxville Summer of 1915 and Carmina Burana. That is all now such a distant memory! (I had to search online, in fact, to remember what we did!)

So much has changed since I last played, and I will eventually write about that. For now, though, I just want to say I really enjoyed our program, which was a tremendous surprise. When I saw it I wasn’t jazzed. I was SO very wrong about it!

Our conductor, Lidiya Yankovskaya, was really great, and I hope she returns. In addition, Brooks Fisher played principal oboe with us, and was really wonderful. Such a fine musician. It was an honor to play with him!

So heigh ho, heigh ho … back to work I go.

Okay. Back I WENT. Heh.

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