Mitt hjerte alltid vanker; arr. Blake Morgan

My heart always wanders
To the birthplace of our Lord.
All my thoughts are gathered there
In their purest sum.
There, my longing finds its home
There is the treasure of my faith.
I can never forget you,
O blessed Christmas night!

O come, Lord!
I will open my heart and my mind
And full of longing sigh:
“Comest thou in, Jesus!”
That home can be no strangerTo you, who made it free.
So surely you will stay here,
Faithfully swathed in my heart.

I would willingly spread branches
Of palms around your manger.
For you — for you alone
I will gladly live and die.
Come, let my soul find
That state of joy again:
You are born in here
In the deep within my heart.

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