A while back a musician (NOT an oboist and please don’t ask who it was!) wrote something on social media that concerned me. The person had a very important upcoming job and wrote about fears and whether they could manage to really do it. It was really negative and worrisome. This person’s job was already announced and tickets were being sold.

Don’t do that.

Don’t do that to the organization.
Don’t do that to the audience (if I saw the post I might hesitate buying a ticket AND if I did go I’d be listening with even more critical ears than usual!).
Don’t do that to yourself.

Yes, we all have fears. Yes, many of us worry about our upcoming jobs. And I’ve been at fault for writing about my fears in the past. But it causes problems. The organization surely doesn’t want to see our worries in print for the public to see. The audience isn’t encourage if they see a post like that either. And it really sets us up for failure.

I used to be negative (not in print, perhaps, but still…) in order to “protect” myself. If I failed, I could say, “See, I knew it!” If I succeeded I could be pleasantly surprised and so could all who heard about my fears.

It’s not healthy, and it’s simply not necessary.

Sure, we might fail. That happens to nearly everyone (if not all) in the performing business. That’s pretty much a given. But we shouldn’t go in with the failure attitude.

And yes, I’m talking to myself here! I need this constant reminder!