At a recent opera orchestra rehearsal I was telling a colleague how much I love the human voice (and wish I had a good singing voice, alas). He agreed with me. There really is nothing like a wonderful voice … so lovely, so real, so … well … human! I think every instrumentalist should sing and, yes, I’ve written about this before. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have the best of voices. It’s just something we should do. And I believe it helps with our music making. I know that students of mine who were also able to sing had a better time with pitch, timbre, and vibrato. Especially vibrato. It tended to come more naturally to them. Sadly most of my students balk at singing. Some look at me in horror when I suggest they sing. I could go on about “back in my day …” but I’ll leave it here. Singing just isn’t as popular as it used to be.

If anyone reads this blog any more you know I’ve reduced my involvement tremendously. I miss having things to say and write about, but I think I just ran out of steam! I will, however, have more to write in, I hope, the near future. So if you check in occasion, but sure and check in again in a few months.

Meanwhile … here is a lovely choral work by Dan Forrest. Sort of movie music-ish, but I’m okay with that. Reminds me a bit of playing Lord of the Rings, actually. But that might be just me. It’s a sacred work, so some of you might balk at that like my students balk at singing!

The third movement, “The Sun Never Says” … well … I love that poem. I’d print it here, but that would be against copyright laws so if you click through to the YouTube video it’s printed there with permission.

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