Mass for the Endangered, “I. Kyrie” by Sarah Kirkland Snider
Houston Chamber Choir


Kyrie Eleison (Lord, have mercy.)
On earth, air, and water
Have mercy
On stone, tree, and flower
Have mercy, world have mercy
Kyrie Eleison
Give mercy to all wing and paw
Mercy to all creed and claw
On flower, seed, leaf and root
Give mercy to all broods and tribes
Mercy to all nests and prides
To tide and spring, squall and breeze
To those who plead for calm and peace
not hunted, hounded, poisoned, fleeced.
To barren, poisoned land
Forgive us
To the vanished, and the left
Forgive us, world forgive us
Mercy on this refuge,
this braided boundless stone
Mercy for their old
Mercy for their young
And mercy now for what we’ve done
Kyrie Eleison