04. May 2024 · 2 comments · Categories: Listen, Oboe

This is a lovely version of Gabriel’s Oboe. I met Keve many years ago … maybe she’ll remember, but maybe not? I think she was in town playing for a show. It’s all a vague memory now, but she played some audition pieces for me, and I do know I was impressed with her playing. If I’m remembering correctly the late Ken Cramer had invited me to meet her and hear her play.

Posted with Keve’s permission … THANK YOU!

Keve Wilson, oboe
Justin Rothberg, guitar
Scott Petito, engineer
Josh Dewoody, videographer


  1. Barbara Christie

    Absolutely beautiful rendition of Gabriel’s Oboe! My favorite song! I just loved it! Thanks, patty.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it, Barb!

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