Announcement time!

This Opera San José season was the final one for my friend and colleague Pam Hakl. I will miss her, for sure. Twenty years of playing together in opera, and even more in symphony. What a time we’ve had!

The opportunity, however, spoke loud and clear to me. I submitted a request, and it was approved: I am no longer principal oboe of Opera San José. I will, instead, play second oboe and English horn.

I am so grateful for all the years I was able to play principal, and when I think back on all the repertoire we’ve done I’m even more grateful. But principal oboe is a bit stressful, and I’m ready to move to a slightly less stressful (most of the time, anyway) position.

I don’t know, yet, when auditions will take place for principal oboe. As soon as I do I will certainly announce that here.


  1. Congratulations on a stellar career. You deserve a break from the stress!

  2. Thanks, Dale! I’m not quite done, but playing second will definitely help with the stress level!

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