**This is no longer up to date**

Click here to hear me play.

This is the oboe site of Patricia Emerson Mitchell.

Okay … that’s my name for programs. Everyone else calls me Patty (or mom, or “hey you”, and one person even called me “dude”).

I began blogging in January of 2003. (You can read my old blog pages compiled here if you want to waste a lot of time!)

I am the principal oboist of Opera San Jose and second oboist (acting principal for 2003-2004) and English hornist of Symphony Silicon Valley. I also freelance in the Bay Area and teach privately at my home studio.

Wondering what I’m doing at the moment? Check out my performance schedule and you’ll see! Want to know what I have done? Here’s my (somewhat out of date) resumé.

At this site you will find information for my private studio.

As of now, I am barely maintaining this site. Sorry!

Contact Address:
Patricia Mitchell
P.O. Box 8655
San Jose, CA 95155-8655

Click email me if you need to reach me for anything. I’m speedy at answering most of the time.

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  1. Merri Lee Newby

    There is a link to your web-site on Jennet Ingle’s web-site and being a fellow oboist, I couldn’t help but click on “oboeinsight” to see what insight might be found here. And how surprised I am to find that I have heard you play twice when visiting San Jose to hear my friend Deborah Berioli sing with Opera San Jose! I recall mentioning to Deborah that the orchestra was excellent, especially the oboes. I forget exactly when I was out there but I saw her in the Flying Dutchman and in Butterfly.

    I’ve also been called “Dude”.

    I’ll have to come back and read more sometime. Thanks for this great web-site/blog.

  2. Thanks so much for writing! I’ll respond more later … I’m in the opera pit on break but it’s nearly time to tune!



  3. So I’m back home … do fill me in, Merri Lee (or is it just Merri?) on where you play and all. I’d love to hear more! Please visit and comment whenever you’d like. I love to read other oboists’ comments on the blog! (And you don’t have to agree with me on things. Really!) 🙂

    If you heard Dutchman and Butterfly that would be … let’s see … Dutchman was the end of our 2004-05 season, and Butterfly was at the end of 2006-07 unless you came to the 2001-03 production at a different location. Dutchman was the final opera of our first season in the new hall.

    Again, thanks for dropping me a line!