Statistics show it’s difficult to do.
In doubt of numbers? Well, I’ve news for you.
Just look around— the broken hearts in need
of mending, some who’d rather break than be
caught bending, lives devoid of compromise,
and some who simply disappeared.

Those lies
that if we loved at first we’d never see
a time when we could hate so wickedly.

But now I look at you and see no lack
of love. It’s great to know you stayed on track—
or could it be you had to leap back on
a time or two? And good for you! You’ve gone
from good to bad to good again. You’ve shown
while little things might irritate — clothes thrown
in heaps, the unexpected tears and shouts —
don’t necessarily destroy.

The doubts
you had (“I married him, but why?”… “She drives
me nuts!”) were set aside

and love survives.

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