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I played this version of Gaudete last night for Dan before he could see the singers. Then I said, “Look at them!” Like me he didn’t expect such young singers. These young men get such a wonderful sound and I’m so very impressed!

Raffles Voices Male Chamber; Toh Ban Sheng, Conductor

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This young woman is quite a talent … at least in my little opinion! (She posted it on November 25, thus the “30 days till Christmas” bit.

From her YouTube page:
I’VE LITERALLY WAITED 12 MONTHS FOR THIS SEASON TO COME It’s Christmas season guys!! :DDD ( I know, it’s not even December yet but hey why not)

Words/Music by Eddie Pola and George Wyle
Arranged by Kirby Shaw

I actually recorded this song during summer break and I’ve been DYING to upload this video! I hope you’ll enjoy!


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Frequently when my students are playing a work I’ll ask them what a term written on their part means. I then often get the answer, “I don’t know!” to which I reply, “Then how can you DO it?!” I write the word on their assignment sheet and they have to come to their next lesson with answer written down.

Yeah, I’m annoying that way.

Maybe learning this song would help some of them?!

Richard Genee: Insalata Italiana – parody of an opera scene, Op. 68
Ensemble of former members of the Dresden Kreuzchor

Piano, piano, dolce, soave ed amabile
Forte, piano, pianissimo
Venite gua
Forte, fortissimo, forte, piano,
Crescendo, stringendo, più mosso
Rinforzando, diminuendo
Decrescendo, morendo, smorzando.
Recitativo, O Dio, O cielo,
Coloratura, lo tremo.
A piacere, colla parte, fermata.
Lento, con espressione,
larghetto, sostenuto, ritenuto
Espressivo, ben marcato,
Pizzicato, arco, arco,
Precipitato, sospirando,
ritardando, arco.
Tra ta ta ta, suona la tromba
Tra ta ta ta, a la vedetta
Con fuoco, staccato
Assai scandaloso,
non più lamentoso.
Bravo, bravissimo,
sono contento!
Volti subito
Con rabbia, con furia
In tempo di polacca,
con impeto, con scandalo,
con grazia, con anima.
Agitata ta ta ta ta,
Più mosso stretto
Fine dell’opera.
Felicità, felicità.
Fine dell’opera.

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On occasion I’ve posted some collaborative videos from YouTube: most of the time people from different countries put these things together and much of the time I’m pretty amazed at what they do. Now I see that one group (six guys, five countries — Canada, France, Sweden, UK and USA) have actually connected and performed live together. What a fun thing to see and hear!

I’m a huge fan of a cappella … heck, I’m a huge fan of the human voice. Too bad I have an awful human voice and have to use the oboe voice instead. But such is life.

Their tribute to Gene Puerling is lovely:

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Clever video!

My guess is that they sang forwards and only lip synced to the song later backwards, then played the video backwards (if I’m making sense there!), but who knows …?

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USC Chamber Singers: Always Singing by Dale Warland, Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor

Always Singing

Singing, singing, I have had singing.
There was such a lot of singing,
And this was my pleasure too.
The boys all sang in the fields,
And at night we all sang.
The chapels were full of singing,
It was singing all the time.
I have had pleasure,
I have had singing.

-Fred Mitchell (retired farm worker from Akenfield, England, age 84) text paraphrased by the composer

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Allegri: Miserere mei Deus
University of Utah Singers

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Billy Joel: And So It Goes (arr. Bob Chilcott)
Pete Avendano

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Fun! (But he needs lessons on how to hold and play instruments, eh?)

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My faves again! Good old CookiePine … (Trudbol & Kartiv2)