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So sad. Not surprising, but still sad. It appears our very wealthy area isn’t willing to support things like the arts. I’m not sure if that will ever change, and it’s so frustrating.

The deeply troubled Silicon Valley Ballet has finally danced its swan song.

The leaders of South Bay’s major resident dance company, which has long danced on the brink of financial ruin, confirmed today that the troupe is closing its doors. Despite a successful do-or-die fundraising campaign last year, the ballet was unable to stay afloat. The shutdown impacts an estimated 32 staff members and 32 dancers, although the ballet school will likely continue to operate under new management.

“It’s very, very sad. This is very hard for me,” said a tearful Millicent Powers, co-chair of the Ballet San Jose board. “All I wanted was for this company to stay alive but in reality it’s a miracle that we lasted this long. We need to do the right thing for our artists, which is to let them go and audition for other things.”

San Jose Ballet Artistic Director José Manuel Carreño brought star power and strong leadership to Silicon Valley Ballet, but the company could not overcome
San Jose Ballet Artistic Director José Manuel Carreño brought star power and strong leadership to Silicon Valley Ballet, but the company could not overcome its financial problems and has announced it is closing. (LiPo Ching/staff archives) ( LiPo Ching )
The cash-strapped ballet, which was founded in 1986 as the “San Jose Cleveland Ballet” and teamed up with New York’s famed American Ballet Theatre in 2012, has faced many huge financial obstacles in recent years. Some programs flopped at the box office. The loss of a key donor, John Fry, CEO of Fry’s Electronics, who has donated more than $20 million to the troupe in the last decade, was a major blow. Other obstacles, including a big tax bill and thorny personnel issues, piled up and the ballet could not dig itself out from under.

“You fight one battle after another but can you win the war? How long can we keep doing this?” said Powers. “There’s so much heart here, if it were possible to make this happen, we would do it. But we just ran out of runway.”

I read it here.

More news sources, some with a bit more or different information:
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So sad …

The final curtain has fallen on San Jose Repertory Theatre.

After 34 years, the South Bay’s major theater company — one of a handful of organizations that provided the area with cultural distinction — has closed its doors in the wake of its latest financial crisis. Theater officials announced Wednesday that the troupe has shut down operations and will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy immediately.

“I’m just devastated right now,” said producing artistic director Rick Lombardo, “for the community, for our staff, for the artists.”

News of the theater’s death sent shock waves throughout the valley’s tight-knit arts community. “This is disastrous,” said Lisa Mallette, head of City Lights Theater Co. in San Jose. “Losing its flagship nonprofit live theater company will be a very real tragedy for the entire South Bay community.”


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After years of financial woes that included musicians going months without pay, the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra will cease to exist.
The board of trustees voted Tuesday to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which will effectively dissolve the organization and end its current season, according to a spokeswoman.
“NMSO, like other orchestras around the country, has been hit hard by the decline in corporate gifts, changes in music taste, competing venues and the economy,” Chairman John Slipke said in a statement.
“We are saddened by this decision and inspired by the staff and musicians’ commitment to continue working for four months without pay as we all worked together in our attempt to make NMSO a viable organization.
“The board felt we no longer could ask for the sacrifices that have been required of those who work for us. The board recognizes its responsibility to protect its limited assets so that they can be shared with creditors appropriately.”
NMSO will file for bankruptcy today. More than 80 musicians and staff members will be out of a job.

Read the whole sad article.

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In a sign that the financial woes at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra are not unique, the Syracuse Symphony voted Tuesday night to suspend the rest of its 2010-11 season as well as all business operations.
The upstate New York orchestra recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. On Monday, it will lay off its staff.
“It’s tough,” said symphony spokeswoman Vicky D’Agostino. “Ninety-three people lost their jobs last night.”


The dozens of instruments and musical compositions that distinguished the Honolulu Symphony’s 110-year history may be sold to the highest bidder, a result of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation the Hawaiian symphony orchestra launched.

The auction, which remains subject to bankruptcy court approval, would be conducted in Honolulu on March 17 and open to bidders around the world thanks to a live webcast.

According to David Barkoff of auction house Heritage Global Partners, which the trustee overseeing Honolulu Symphony’s liquidation is seeking court permission to hire, the sale represents a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” in light of the organization’s status as the oldest U.S. symphony orchestra west of the Rocky Mountains.

“Our goal is to secure a bulk buyer to sustain this legacy, as we want nothing more than to keep the arts alive,” Barkoff, Heritage’s director of sales, said in a statement Thursday.

If a bulk buyer doesn’t emerge, then the assets will be sold to individual buyers.

I read it here. The auction information is here.

It looks like they are going to sell their music library. When San Jose Symphony (RIP) died the musicians of the orchestra (yes, that includes me) managed to purchase the library. Symphony Silicon Valley now uses our library. It’s such a valuable asset. I do wish the Honolulu folks could manage to save their music library. I wonder if they’ve thought about asking for donations to purchase that very valuable music. It seems as if they asked many of us would send donations to help them with this.

It’s official.

A U.S. bankruptcy court judge this morning approved the Honolulu Symphony’s request to convert the symphony’s chapter 11 reorganization to a chapter 7 liquidation.

This allows the 110-year-old Honolulu Symphony to close down and sell off all its remaining assets.

I read it here.

This is a lovely blog entry remembering some special moments at the symphony.

My heart goes out to all involved. The death of a symphony is a painful thing.

I know.

I had read earlier about Connecticut Opera canceling the remainder of their season. On the opera link you can see their November 29 notice about that. Now it is reported that they are closing down permanently. It’s been all over my google news alerts. Sad.

Brief Times article.

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The Virginia Symphony Orchestra may have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and musicians might have to go without their next paycheck if the group does not receive a $1 million loan from the city of Norfolk’s Economic Development Authority, Executive Director Carla Johnson said Thursday.

Mayor Paul Fraim said the loan, if granted, would come from interest income on bonds issued by the authority and would not have to be approved by the City Council.

“I don’t blame the symphony for asking for $1 million, but I believe that is beyond what would be prudent,” Fraim said Thursday.

Read more here.

They aren’t gone yet, but how bleak is this going to get, anyway?

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According to Opera Chic, Baltimore Opera has filed for bankruptcy, filing Chapter 11.


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On the demise of AMTSJ:

Well, your email was the first I’d heard of this development. I’ve since read the sad news online, and, at this point, can only say that I’m shocked.

You can read the whole thing here

I talked to a few musicians last night who always played for AMTSJ. They found out about the death of the organization through the newspaper. They had no clue this was possible, and the only recently finished up with Flower Drum Song. I heard one player talking, and he sounded so fearful of what he would do to make up for all that he lost. And he was fairly new to the organization. I feel especially for those who always play and have been doing so for a much longer period of time.