Portland Opera invited comic artists (those who draw comics, not those who act funny … at least I think that’s what it meant!) to Pagliacci. You can see some of their work here.

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Check it out.

I’m trying to figure out where the “oboe” is in all of this. Hmmm?

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… with permission from the artist. (I don’t “borrow” art from anyone without asking. Just as I ask that no one “borrow” anything of mine without asking!)

The weather was perfect in San Francisco for Sketchcrawl 21. Martha and I kicked off the day sketching this old dude playing off-key clarinet behind the Ferry Building. Children seemed to love the music and the pigeons looked happy, doing their funny pigeon wobbly-neck dance to the music. I’m guessing his fancy tuxedo pants were left over from better days.

Entertaining the pigeons by Jana Bouc

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The above is a mini-quote by Leonard Bernstein, read in this article by Anthony Tommasini. Check it out.

(By the way … I loved the illustration, by Koren Shadmi, at the top of the article. You can read the illustrator’s blog here. He does really great work.)

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Check out Dan’s latest posted picture.

Just because I said so … and because you can. 🙂

(More SF at Night Pix)

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Dan does photography. Dan does really good photography. His unbiased wife things he does great photography, in fact.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift, check out his work! Or just get something for yourself. You know you want to. 😉

G. Dan Mitchell | Photography
Dan’s Gallery

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… and it’s edible too.

See here and here.