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“Its sound is very soothing, plaintive and I think slightly enigmatic”.

Our co-principal oboe Katharina Spreckelsen explores the mystery of the peculiar looking baroque instrument, the oboe da caccia.

I just love this gorgeous instrument!

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… the prior video then took me to this one. Such fun to hear and learn about!

Co-Principal Oboe Katharina Spreckelsen on why the quirks of the Baroque oboe make it so exciting.

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Because this:

Buxtehude: Abendmusik
Ensemble Masque & Vox Luminis

Side Note: The vocal group, Vox Luminis, is asking for financial help, if you are able and care to give:

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… not oboes, but their recorder playing is mighty nice. I don’t know their ages, but the YouTube page says they are from the ChunCheon Seonglim Elementary School.

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Because oboes are definitely associated with royalty!

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
FestspielOrchester Göttingen; Laurence Cummings, Director

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I’m calling this my “good morning, no get out on your walk” music!

Fasch: Concerto in D, 3rd Movement
Philadephia Baroque Orchestra Tempesta di Mare

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Vivaldi Oboe Concerto RV447
Baroque oboe: Shai Kribus
Barrocade Ensemble

But wait … Mr. Kribus plays recorder too … and what fun this all is!

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I never thought I’d hear a version of the wonderful Sondheim tune played by oboe, much less Baroque oboe! And I like it.

Live Performance 10/16/2016
from “Songs Without Words”

Debra Nagy, Baroque Oboe, Emily Walhout, viola da gamba, Eric Milnes, harpsichord

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We are so blessed to have access to music so easily, aren’t we? I don’t often think about this, but of course back when compositions such as these were written and then initially performed the only way you could hear it was to go to a performance. Now we can get on to YouTube and find these amazing things!

That being said, there is nothing, and I truly mean nothing like a live performance. Truly. If you’ve not been, you owe it to yourself … and to performing musicians … to go!

I’m sorry to say this particular video is interrupted by commercials at the most unpleasant of times, but, well, that’s what you get for free, I suppose. Be ready to hit mute. Honestly, it’s horrendous! They don’t even wait until the end of a work or movement.

This is Vox Luminis, and I think they are performing with Belgian Baroque group, but I don’t know the name. I’ll investigate further when I have the time, or perhaps someone who reads French will fill me in. I ran it through Google translate, but who knows if I’m getting the correct info?!

For me the sound gets turned way up for things such as this!