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Thoreau was born July 12, 1817. I didn’t know anything about his flute until tonight’s Jeopardy mentioned the Louisa May Alcott poem.

We sighing said, “Our Pan is dead;
His pipe hangs mute beside the river
Around it wistful sunbeams quiver,
But Music’s airy voice is fled.
Spring mourns as for untimely frost;
The bluebird chants a requiem;
The willow-blossom waits for him;
The Genius of the wood is lost.”

Then from the flute, untouched by hands,
There came a low, harmonious breath:
“For such as he there is no death;
His life the eternal life commands;
Above man’s aims his nature rose.
The wisdom of a just content
Made one small spot a continent
And turned to poetry life’s prose.

“Haunting the hills, the stream, the wild,
Swallow and aster, lake and pine,
To him grew human or divine,
Fit mates for this large-hearted child.
Such homage Nature ne’er forgets,
And yearly on the coverlid
‘Neath which her darling lieth hid
Will write his name in violets.

“To him no vain regrets belong
Whose soul, that finer instrument,
Gave to the world no poor lament,
But wood-notes ever sweet and strong.
O lonely friend! he still will be
A potent presence, though unseen,
Steadfast, sagacious, and serene;
Seek not for him — he is with thee.”

Louisa May Alcott

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This is one of my most favorite moments in the Bach St. Matthew Passion … something about that first entrance by the chorus just shocks me every time.

So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen

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J.S. Bach: Partita for solo oboe in G Minor. BWV 1013
Juan Manuel García-Cano Ruiz

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From the YouTube page (with some translation issues**, as his first name is actually Vyatkin and I don’t know what “A body Sidelnikov” means but I’m betting someone out there can help me!):
I.S.Bah- “Adagio” from the Easter Oratorio
In Vyatkin oboe.
A body Sidelnikov

** Just realized Chrome was translating the page for me automatically, which explains the problems with the translation! Oops!

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I know that Timothy Gocklin is the oboist, but no other names are provided.

From the YouTube page: This performance took place on February 8, 2015 in Morse Recital Hall at the Yale School of Music.

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“Which Was the Son of …” by Arvo Pärt, performed by The Tallis Scholars directed by Peter Phillips.

From the album “Tintinnabuli” available from iTunes, www.gimell.com and all good CD stores.

Soprano: Amy Haworth, Ruth Provost, Emma Walshe, Amy Wood.
Alto: Emma Ashby, Patrick Craig, Caroline Trevor, Matthew Venner.
Tenor: George Pooley, Ashley Turnell, Simon Wall, Christopher Watson.
Bass: Stephen Charlesworth, Rob Macdonald, Adrian Peacock, Tim Scott Whiteley.

Produced by Steve Smith and Peter Phillips.
Video made by Steve Smith and Bill Broomfield.
Many thanks to everyone who submitted a Selfie.

The photo of The Tallis Scholars is by Eric Richmond.

…and about the album:

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Born in 1842, in case you’re wondering.

I love it when I find a performer has placed a video on YouTube. I can almost safely assume it’s okay to post. (I say “almost” because some performers even make mistakes sometimes and post something that isn’t supposed to be posted. Not everyone knows the rules we have in our contracts!)

Stefan Milenkovich, violin; Orchestra Radio-Television Serbia; Bojan Sudjic conductor. Sava Centre, Belgrade, Serbia.

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Liang Wang, oboe; Giora Schmidt, violin; Lily Francis, viola; Felix Fan, cello

I’m sure I’ve put this up before, but it’s worth more attention!

Today is Heinz Holliger’s 75th birthday. From what I read, this was performed just two months ago. Will I be playing when I’m 75? Hmm. Doubtful!

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I should probably post something “happier” at some point, but seeing Abbado conduct and hearing this incredible movement … I just had to post.